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squad work!

new mutants: academy x fanworks

Squad Works - An Academy X Fanworks Community
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Welcome to Squad Works!


I know the place is looking a bit scarce right now, but that's because we're still under construction. Please be patient as we mods ( watcher_shadow and secret_base ) spice up the place a bit more with the journal layout, icon, and banner.

Squad Works is a place for fans of New Mutants: Academy X to gather and share fan works with each other. This includes fanfiction, fanart, icons, graphics, etc, but our main focus is going to be fanfiction.

Also, this is not a place for fanwork only on the squad members of the New Mutants or Hellions. No, this is a place for all of the squads -- well, the ones that have members that have appeared in the series, anyway. That includes the Cosairs, Alpha Squadron, and the Paragons. It can be a mix of characters from different squads as well.

Any work of any pairings or characters is allowed. However, please do the appropriate touch up work on your creations. That is, if you write a fanfic, get it betaed or at least use spell check.

And that's it for the basic explanation.


1. ABSOLUTELY NO FLAMING. You have a problem with someone? Go talk to them personally through email or IM or whatever. It will not be tolerated in the community.

2. Don't like a pairing or a character? Be mature. Don't read/look at whatever it is. Do not go on a rant about how much you dislike the pairing/character.

3. Introductions are allowed.

4. Please, use proper spelling, capitalization, and punctuation for the most part. It's painful to read things like "hI My nAmE iZ bLaH".

5. Got a question? Go ahead. Just make sure it's not offensive or anything, okay? Also, if it's directed towards mods, please indicate that somewhere, whether it be in the subject line or the beginning of the post.

6. Requests are allowed, since requests tend to generate more output.

7. Promoting is allowed, as long as it is related to New Mutants: Academy X.

8. If something is not work-safe, has sexual content, violent, or has some kind of a kink please label it.

9. Last but definitely least, be mature. Respect other people. Have fun. This place was made for fun and enjoyment.